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Nevada 4.0

Dec. 20th, 2010 | 11:55 pm

Nevada 4.0

Bicycle Type Mountain bike, front suspension
MSRP (new) $350.00
Weight 31.59
Sizes 13", 15", 17", 19", 20.5", 22"
Colors Silver, Black, Blue
Item ID 13836

Frame & Fork
Frame Construction TIG-welded
Frame Tubing Material Fuji Altair 1
Fork Brand & Model RST Omni 191-T8, 50mm travel
Fork Material Single
Rear Shock Not applicable

Component Group Mountain Mix
Brakeset ProMax PAV-711 Aluminum Linear pull brakes, ProMax PAL-86 forged alloy levers
Shift Levers MicroShift TS50-7 Trigger
Front Derailleur Shimano C050
Rear Derailleur Shimano Altus
Crankset SR Suntour XCCT-202 Al, 24/34/42 teeth
Pedals Wellgo ATB
Bottom Bracket Sealed cartridge
BB Shell Width Unspecified
Rear Cogs 7-speed, 13 - 34 teeth
Chain KMC UG-51
Seatpost Fuji Micro Adjust Aluminum
Saddle Fuji MTB Men's
Handlebar Fuji Alloy Riser
Handlebar Extensions Not included
Handlebar Stem Fuji Forged Aluminum
Headset 1 1/8" VP-A71

Hubs Fuji Oversized Sealed Aluminum
Rims Jalco XC-168, 32-hole
Tires 26 x 2.00" Fuji ATB
Spoke Brand Stainless steel, 14ga. (2.0mm)
Spoke Nipples Unspecified

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KHS Urban Uno '09

Apr. 26th, 2010 | 11:42 pm

Reynolds 520 Double Butted full CrMo (rear brake ready bridge and top tube cable guides)
Fork CrMo Straightleg (front brake ready)
Headset Cane Creek A-Headset
Rims Weimann SP17 Alloy, Doublewall, black
Hubs Alloy Flip-Flop Track, black
Tires Kenda Koncept 700x26c
Spokes 14G Stainless 36°, black
Front Derailleur N/A
Rear Derailleur N/A
Shifters N/A
Chain KMC Z30, nickel-plated
Crankset Alloy Forged, 165mm, Black w/Gold anodized 44T ring
Bottom Bracket Sealed Cartridge
Cog Q2 Alloy , 16T, Gold Anodized
Pedals Alloy road w/half clip
Seatpost Alloy micro-adjust
Saddle KHS Urban with brown cover
Handlebar KHS Alloy double butted cowhorn
Stem Alloy 3D Forged, black
Tape Cork Tape, black
Brake Levers Tektro RL720, Barend type clamp
Brakes Tektro R556 Dual pivot, long reach
Color Flat Dark Gray
Frame Size S, M, L, XL, XXL
Extras Alloy Flat Fenders

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(no subject)

Mar. 3rd, 2010 | 09:48 pm

Courage : Naivete
Drive : Ostentation
Heartiness : Willfulness
Affability : Excess
Talent : Sanctimony
Enterprise : Domination
Tact : Secretiveness
Finesse : Squeamishness
Virtue : Pedantry
Prudence : Dilettantism
Longevity : Hypochondria
Ambition : Complexity

"I am" - Fire, Mars, Cardinal
"I retreat" Negative Wood, Yin

Caring is the Aries/Cat's specialty. Not only does this native care about everything solid and traditional and valuable, he enjoys the capacity to care for those elements. This person is a generator of refinement, an accumulator of wisdom, a dispenser of metaphysical energy and a preserver of life's finer things. The Aries/Cat is a Cat's Cat.

Cat virtue lends itself to Aries' vigorous courage. This person sets about each day on an intense search for peace and beauty. Aries gives him punch. The Cat confers prudence, taste and independence.

You won't find Aries/Cats managing your local supermarket or hawking rugs in a souk. If you are looking for one of these characters, you'd be better off hunting in an art museum. You see, the cultural bent in Aries/Cat people is never just a hobby. Refinement, beauty, and the pursuit of the civilized are the real goals of an Aries/Cat.

Gain, of course, enter the picture too. But this person demands that his wealth come from solid, classical sources. Aries/Cats are not tricksters who long for the coup that will bring them a windfall so they can rush off to South America and cha-cha with a bevy of dark-eyed senoritas. Instead, the Aries/Cat is a model of perseverance. He doesn't plod the way an Ox of a Taurus can. The Aries/Cat pads gently but diligently along on velvet paws. His back curves upward from time to time when danger approaches. The hairs on his neck stand up. But Aries/Cat doesn't hiss or spit. This is not a rowdy breed. Vigorous, but never rude or aggressive, the Aries/Cat is a study in moderation.

The addition of Cat qualities to the dauntless Ram's heredity lends a quality of refinement not given to every Aries. Aries, as we know, can be a bit on the lumpy side- gauche or even ostentatious. The Cat brings Aries finesse, gentility, and prudence. What more could a swaggering young warrior want?

Not that Aries needs any, but the Cat certainly comes equipped with a lion's share of virtue. Cats like to think of themselves as credible and fair in all manners human. For the Aries, who is also a solid-citizen type, albeit a most noisy one, the Cat identity comes easily. In the Cat sign there are no major juxtapositions of character trait to which the Aries cannot readily adjust.

Comfort is excessively important to this person. Aries/Cats surround themselves with plants and cushions, divans, pillows, and elaborate hot water systems with matching bathrooms. At Aries/Cat;s house the stereo system is always top-of-the-line. There may not be other luxuries- I do not claim the Aries/Cat is merely a materialist- but there will always be deep comfy armchairs where one may sit and listen to the finest music chosen by our friend Aries-the-Cat himself.

Food is not crucially important to this Cat. Aries/Cat enjoys fine cuisine, but if there are only bacon and eggs or corn flakes, Aries/Cat will settle for that. Usually, rather than spends hours in the kitchen or marketplace, the Aries/Cat prefers visiting other people's dining rooms. Time spent preparing meals is time in which the Aries/Cat might have gone to an exciting new exhibition, chatted with a fascinating scholar, bought an antique recamier of grand piano. First, Aries/Cat soaks up the situation through ultra sensitive eyes and ears. Only after "casing the joint" is Aries/Cat ready to embark on any given plan.

Aries/Cats capable. They can do all manner of work. But Aries/Cat is not what I would call a "creative" sign. Rather, these people lift beauty and ideas from life, polish them in the comfort of their own homes and refine for their own use. Aries/Cat is a collector of liveliness, a natural dilettante.


Dare I say it? Aries/Cat is not very faithful in love. Rather, Aries born a Cat is constantly in love. Aries and Cat together form an emotional independence, Neither of these signs is really the clinging-vine type. Having a partner with whom one makes a home, spends holidays and eventually has children seems on the surface to Aries/Cat like a good idea. But in the doing, Aries/Cat cannot "hack" dense thickets of emotional pushings and shovings. Cats hate conflicts, remember? And Aries is ill-equipped to deal with wars he dreams of fighting. So one-on-one, hard hitting emotional rows, such as life dumps in the laps of those who cohabit for love's sake, send the Aries/Cat packing. Or rather, it's the other way around. Aries/Cat stays. You go. Out!

Now there are ways to deal with Aries/Cat's reluctance to roll in the mud of emotions. If you love an Aries/Cat and long to take her for your bride, keep your distance. Be the first to back off. "I am sorry, darling, I just can't make it Tuesday. I have to go to San Francisco for the whole week." You may not really have to go to San Francisco. But it doesn't matter. The Aries/Cat will buy your story. He or she won't even ring you to see if it's true. Oh no. Aries/Cat is delighted for a little space in which to plan and absorb in his/her own room with books and paintings and music and maybe a few cats lolling decoratively about the comfortable nest he's made for himself.


Try going out with Leos born either Dog or Pig. You'll be attracted to Sagittarius/Goats and Gemini/Pigs and Goats. Leave Cancer/Dragons and Roosters alone; give Capricorn/Tigers a wide berth, and avoid feisty Libra/Dragons and Tigers.

His objectives are security without conflicts, comfort without interference, and a reassuring bank balance.
Suzanne White

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